11 thoughts on “Paul Walker’s Body Burned Badly at Crash Scene [REAL]|GALLERY|

  1. Why would anyone post these pics of their burned body’s, this is sick to look at. It’s so sad that both of them lost their life’s that day.

  2. I’am so damn sorry! that people make what they all think is funny jokes about two good people that lost there life that way. Yes I do believe that high speeds were a factor in the crash. And yes some other person or persons could of got hurt very bad or killed by there actions. But as God loving people we have to look past that and think about there Kids & Family’s that are grieving there great Lost. And most of all Remember we as people can be held responsible for our actions as will. Well my family feels for the both of you Paul & Roger and your Children and Family too. REST IN PEACE BOTH OF YOU! “GOD BLESS THERE SOLES”

  3. why would anyone put something like that on here. respect to him and the driver he was such a nice guy with one amazing smile makes me said as it is with out something like that being put on here r.i.p.paul xx

  4. Hmm… doesn’t look like the right car to me. Or the right time of day. No wide angle shots so nothing to demonstrate more of the surrounding area. This could kind of be any fiery car accident anywhere in America. God knows there are enough of those :( As for the “bodies” in this photo, be damned if anyone could tell what the hell is what in there.

    • They couldn’t move the bodies until the coroner arrived. So the accident occurred at 330.. And into the evening it can happen and take a bit. These are the only shots online.. Who knows the validity but looks about right with the other images of the Porsche.

  5. If the red is Paul… Then so be it. It is very sad. Cars are no joke especially high impact ones. I’ve been racing cars since I was 14 and am 32 now with a kid.. I don’t risk it much anymore and keep it to the track.. I had to try and find this and know for fact and closure. Great guy. Nobody else like him in Hollywood.. Rip Paul and Roger. May you both race to the finish line up above.

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